We are passionate about connecting people with God’s purpose for their life. Therefore, we keep these

values at the center of all we do:


Connecting with our Calling - We believe in equipping and releasing people to use their unique

God-given gifts, not only in church, but also in the everyday world.  We value individual callings and the

importance of fulfilling our specific dreams and destinies.  From prophecy to business plans, we want to

be a part of empowering people to step out into their calling.


Whether you have been around church your entire life or this is your first peek into it, we have something

for you. And our hope is that you will take the next step into this community of believers. Visit us this

weekend and experience our church for yourself.


As you visit, you will begin to see that we are more than just one dynamic church. We are a community of

people led by Christ to bring hope, strength and change to the world-one life at a time.

Here are some of the ways we connect with our calling at The Springs: