The Springs Fellowship Women's Ministry is a way to connect with women of like precious faith
(2 Peter 1:1) who:
1) Want to grow in their relationship with Jesus; and
2) Want to build authentic, meaningful relationships with other women.

It is our passion to see each woman step into their destiny by discovering their God-given calling and purpose in our branch of the body of Christ.

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The Springs Women also host an annual conference some time in  October.  This year's conference was held in Wolfforth's Red Barn Ranch Retreat Center.

Our 2017 conference theme was BELOVED and centered on the book of Song of Songs.  

Whether it be at a Bible study, a  fun outing, or just over a coffee, The Springs Women's Ministry desires to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS that are deep, meaningful, and supportive with each woman involved.  We don't just want you to attend. We want you to BELONG!

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