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Build Community

More than a Community - We are Family.

One of the greatest truths God ever revealed about himself is that He is a Father. In his word, He revealed himself as a Good Father who forgives completely and who loves deeply.  God intended the church, therefore, to be a family that reflects His heart: a community of people who authentically love, who graciously encourage, and who passionately commit to one another. As a family, our connection with others doesn't stop at the church doors: we believe we are called to do life together as the family of God. From our men's ministry to our small groups, we want to build an atmosphere where the heart of The Father is shown. 


Sharing the abundant life God has given us & celebrating what God is doing among us. This is the heart of our Groups.


Connect Groups are a place to pray for one another and where we can use & grow our spiritual gifts.

Mutual care

From baby showers to hospital visits, Connect Groups help ensure that every person is cared for.


Connect Groups structures allow the perfect place for you to invite unbelieving friends to experience God.


Connect Groups exist to help you build relationships and friendships outside of our church services. The heart of this ministry is to see every individual placed into a community that encourages them in reaching their destiny and fulfilling their calling. 

Be a part of the Family. Join a Connect Group.

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