The Presence of God & Worship

  • At The Springs, we desire every aspect of our lives to be saturated with the Holy Spirit's fruits, gifts,

        love, and presence.  Ministry should be a direct and natural outflow from what the Holy Spirit has

        already done in us and from His active presence in our lives.  We purposefully work to cultivate a

        place where God "inhabits the praises" of HIs people (Psalm 22:3). 

God's Inerrant Word & Nature

  • The Bible is God's message to us: the revelation of who He is, His love for all creation, His standard of

        righteousness, and His plan of redemption for humanity.  God's gave His message to people in

        history, who in turn wrote down what they received.  This message, what we call the Bible, is

        inspired by God and without error in conveying God's intended message to humanity.  In

        today's culture of shifting standards and morals, the church must have a solid knowledge 

        of God's written Word, His intent in it's message to us, and how this message is properly applied to

        us today.  The Bible is our roadmap for living God's intended purpose for us; we need to know it well

        to properly navigate a godly life.

Relationships & Community

  • The church is not about a building, denomination, or creed - the church is God's people. Without

        healthy relationships, the church suffers.  Without a welcoming, loving environment, God's people will

        never grow into maturity.  We believe the church should be a place where believers can openly share

        their dreams, their heartaches, and their mistakes.  We believe it is a place where love is priority, faith

        is encouraged, and righteousness is cultivated.  We were made for relationship with God and with  

        each other; both are key components of building God's Kingdom on earth.

Love & Honor

  • We are committed to living out God's love to every person, regardless of their social status or

        position. No matter their background, their mistakes, or their skills, God loves and honors each

        person deeply. If we are truly following Christ, then His love will be evidenced in the way we honor

        Him and treat others.  We believe that this is what the world is crying out to see: a church that is full

        of love and treating others with honor!

Authenticity & Integrity

  • We desire to live in a manner that is known for its integrity & authenticity. This begins with our

        personal lives - integrity must exist within our private lives, our marriage, our finances, and our free    

        time.  Integrity and authenticity are so precious and valuable, especially in a world that has seen

        many leaders and Christians fall into reproach and has experienced a hollow, plastic version of

        Christianity. We believe our lives must be real - real in love and real in honor, in order to effectively

        reach the lost and help God's people to grow.  Our motivations and our lives must be pure, not just

        before God's eyes, but before the eye's of one another as well.