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Our Passions

at The Zone

Encounter God's Presence

At The Splash Zone, we are passionate about creating an atmosphere where kids experience God in a way they will never forget. Parents have the freedom to worship in the main service while their kids are safe and secure loving God, receiving love from God, encountering His presence, and giving Him their praise each week.

We are passionate about presenting deep Biblical truth in creative ways kids will love! On Sunday mornings, kids will have a blast earning God’s Word from funny skits, wacky games and amazing Bible teaching. With a dynamic mixture of reflective moments and high-impact fun, every Sunday morning is packed with interaction and personal connections, creating an atmosphere where kids experience God in a way they never will forget.

Express God's Character

We are passionate about kids growing into maturity in their walk with God. It is our mission to ensure that children reach their full potential in this life and in the next. We make it our aim to equip them to reach this destiny by embracing the basic and deeper truths found in God’s Word, by discovering their unique gifts and callings, and by embracing the nature of Holy Spirit within them. 

We teach kids that they can express God's love just as Jesus did: through kindness, through healing, through mercy, & through grace, using their gifts and talents to declare the goodness of God each and every day.

Expand God's Kingdom

We are passionate for kids to realize that they are part of a global church family bigger than themselves and that through God’s power, they can make a significant impact in the world for Christ.

We teach our kids that every follower of Christ - no matter how old or young - is a supernatural minister called to demonstrate God’s salvation. Through the demonstration of God’s love, God’s grace, and God’s power, they can take His truth every where they go! 

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